Sunflower Brooch in Walnut and Enamel

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A walnut and enamel brooch inspired by the sunflower, featuring a moving front ‘petal’ section, allowing you to wear the brooch in multiple ways. The fixings are made from recycled sterling silver.

The Nurture jewellery collection includes thoughtful designs crafted from sustainable materials; walnut and recycled silver, with vibrant enamelled accents.

Designed and made by the migrant & refugee women of Shelanu Craft Collective, they take inspiration from plants, flowers and insects remembered from the diverse countries they grew up in.  Together the pieces embody Shelanu as a community garden that empowers women through unity, creativity and compassion.

Ingeniously moving parts are incorporated into each piece serving as gentle reminders to take a moment for yourself, making them ideal stress relievers throughout the day.

Purchasing an item from the Nurture range becomes an act of self-care and care for others; not only do you raise money for charity, in the wearing you spread a story of migration that reveals skills, creativity and unity of purpose.

The Nurture Collection was created with guidance and support from Birmingham-based artist Rachael Colley.

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