Slim To Do Notebook, Sunshine Waves

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Slim To-Do Notepad with Sunshine Waves design. A beautiful, handmade notebook with Japanese Silkscreen cover and eco friendly paper.

This is our Extra Long Narita List Notebook, called “Sunrise Waves”. The slim, elegant designs makes this a perfectly portable notepad, ideal for jotting down ideas and lists on the move.

This Journal features traditional Japanese Chiyogami Paper. It is filled with 70 pages of Italian Algae Paper.

In our Birmingham studio we carefully hand-make our covers, count our pages and look over every last detail before we finally bind the book together.

made from:
Chiyogami washi is printed with patterns traditionally applied to kimonos, called Yuzen. Yuzen designs created in Kyoto’s textile industry satisfied demands for bright colours and symbolic motifs on clothing during the Edo period in Japan (1603-1868).

Papermakers soon adopted the precise detail and brilliance of these fashionable items for use on paper-based ornaments. “Chiyogami” (-gami meaning paper) became the word for paper decorated with repeated Japanese woodblock-printed patterns. Craftsmen began to use silkscreen printing as a manufacturing method and continue to do so today.

Wire, Chiyogami Paper, Algae Paper, Ivory Paper, Tree Free Paper, Bamboo, Cotton, Bagasse, Soy Ink, Watercolour Paper, Plain Paper, Cartridge Paper

Approximately 23.5cm x 7.5cm

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