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  • Long Silver Peridot Earrings

    Inspired by sunlight, the textured surface of the earrings sparkle and shine as they catch the light like the surface of the sea, or rays of sun breaking through the clouds. With a delicately shimmering texture and a spring green Peridot stone. Effortlessly elegant and comfortable these earrings are eye-catching and can be dressed up or down.
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  • Silver Kiss dropper earrings

    Sterling silver Kiss dropper earrings. Silver Kiss dropper earrings, elegant and subtle silver earrings, simple and beautiful these lovely silver kiss earrings are, I'm sure you will agree, beautiful.
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  • Classic Silver Heart Necklace

    Artfull Expression presents an elegant, timeless open heart pendant design, an absolutely perfect bridal or bridal party gift.
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  • Country Hare Silver Cufflinks

    Introducing these beautiful sterling silver Hare Cufflinks in all their bewitching beauty. We are enamoured by these incredible creatures. The mysteriousness of the hare is captured perfectly in these incredible cufflinks. More than just cufflinks, this pair are stunning pieces of art in all their majesty.
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  • Flower girl & Child’s Unicorn Pendant

    A beautiful silver pendant gift for a loved flower girl & child, the Sterling Silver Unicorn pendant hangs beautifully on a 14" silver chain, a lovely length for a young girl to wear. The chain also has a 2" extender, allowing the child to wear it as they grow into adulthood. Ideal gift for a child who has done you proud on your big day, or perhaps a communion or confirmation gift or simply to celebrate the Joi de vivre that is youth. The Unicorn is Symbolic in many ways, the mythical Unicorn has come to represent innocence and femininity. The Sterling Silver Unicorn Pendant by Ilona White shows off Ilona's love of life, dynamic and strong Ilona has made the Silver Unicorn Pendant to showcase all that is beautiful in the world.
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  • Friendly Frog Silver Cufflinks

    Introducing a beautiful pair of hand-crafted cufflinks, with inspiration taking from the most charming of all creatures, the frog. Frogs have been around for at least 265 million years. There are approximately 4800 recorded species, accounting for over 85% of extant amphibian species. Our love for frogs comes from their unique character and appearance, along with their insanely long tongues and ability to jump ridiculously far makes them into loveable real life cartoon characters.
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  • Hard Gold Plated Scattered Trilliant Necklace

    A beautiful gift for a lady of distinct taste, this handmade pendant and necklace will be a gift to be cherished and adorned though many years.
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  • Heart Shaped Hip Flask

    We are proud to bring to you our Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Hip Flask in Presentation Box. Delight your loved one on Valentine’s Day with our lovely, beautifully made, highly polished heart shaped hip flask. If you are looking for a complete and perfect gift for your loved one celebrating, look no further.
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  • Honesty Wedding Ring in 9ct Gold

    Brushed and satin finished 9ct gold wedding ring with nature inspired design with gorgeous pattern of overlapping honesty seeds. The honesty seed wedding band has a beautiful natural feel and texture making it highly appropriate to use as a life long wedding ring.

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  • Knight Takes Pawn Chess Silver Cufflinks

    The most strategic and classic of all games of strategy, these symbols represent the extensive history of this most mysterious game that seems to transcend itself and be part a universe of wisdom undiscovered or lost in time. Designed to be adorned with a choice shirt at a formal social function, we know that this is a truly individual choice for those who wish to be different and stand out from the crown.
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  • Mañana Silver And Blue Enamel Cufflinks

    The exquisite blue enamel cufflinks with a Mediterranean feel.
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  • Personalised Heart Ladies Silver Bangle

    A wonderful, precious sterling silver ladies bangle featuring a beautiful hammered, tactile finish. Perfect to bestow upon your special lady.
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  • Rose Gold Halo Wedding Ring by Artfull Expression

    Rose Gold Wedding ring by Artfull Expression director David-Louis. Beautifully polished & hand made 9ct Rose Gold Halo style wedding ring, featuring the distinct yet discreet Birmingham hallmark. The 9ct Rose Gold Halo Wedding ring is minimalist & beautiful in appearance and is guaranteed to make an impression. Suited to everyday wear and utilising classic rose gold this beautiful wedding ring is wearable for the rest of your life & will never go out of fashion making it a classic piece of wedding ring design.    

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  • Rose Gold Vermeil Small Acorn Pendant

    Birmingham's independent jewellery gallery and stronghold of creativity 'Artfull Expression' brings you a remarkable pearl pendant necklace in the form of a the wonderful, wondrous acorn.
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  • Something Borrowed, Something Blue Wedding Hip Flask

    Something old, something new... personalised and engraved bridal party hip flask.
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  • Sprightly Cat Cufflinks In Silver

    A wonderful pair of handcrafted sterling silver cat cufflinks, featuring incredible detail and layering. Artfull Expression presents a most wonderful pair of silver cat cufflinks, handcrafted and created from scratch….. A great gift lovers of cats and individuality. These lovely cufflinks take their inspiration from those feline creatures, which never cease to amaze us. The Sprightly Cat Cufflinks are beautifully detailed and feature layers of sterling silver work that could only have been achieved by one person’s hard work by hand.
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  • Star & Sun Studs by Alice Gow

    Simple and beautiful sterling silver Star and Sun stud earrings. Each ear stud is made up of a lovely gilded silver star with a beautiful silver domed centre piece. The beautiful ear studs are in fact two pairs of earrings in one, the star element can be removed to leave a simple silver dome earring. A beautiful little pair of simple ear studs.
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  • Sterling Silver Hammer Texture Collar Stiffeners

    A pair of solid sterling silver collar stiffeners with a hammer texture on one side.
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  • Sterling Silver Ladies Claddagh Ring by David-Louis

    Delicate and beautiful our sterling silver Claddagh ring is ideal for your fair maidens hand. Whether to celebrate Valentines Day, to mark your love for each other or for use as a Wedding ring our silver Claddagh ring is perfect.

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  • Tri Groove Titanium Wedding Ring

    Artfull Expression is extremely proud to add this gents titanium wedding ring to our prestigious Jewellery Quarter wedding ring collection, our 'Tri Groove' titanium wedding ring is 6mm wide and hand made with a brushed finish with highly polished grooves and sides of the ring.

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  • Woodland Fox Silver Cufflinks

    Artfull Expression presents a beautifully crafted pair of cufflinks, inspired by perhaps the most enchanting of all canidae. These beautiful cufflinks capture the incredible mystery and charm the woodland fox. The Woodland Fox Silver Cufflinks feature stunning detail which you can feel as well as see. See the sheer time, skill and effort that has gone into these wonderful pieces for your pleasure. Crafted by hand from solid sterling silver, these incredibly crafted cufflinks will last for years and years with a little care and maintenance. The Woodland Fox Silver Cufflinks make a simply incredible gift that someone will love and cherish for a lifetime.
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