Childs Silver Pendant

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  • Flower girl & Child’s Unicorn Pendant

    A beautiful silver pendant gift for a loved flower girl & child, the Sterling Silver Unicorn pendant hangs beautifully on a 14" silver chain, a lovely length for a young girl to wear. The chain also has a 2" extender, allowing the child to wear it as they grow into adulthood. Ideal gift for a child who has done you proud on your big day, or perhaps a communion or confirmation gift or simply to celebrate the Joi de vivre that is youth. The Unicorn is Symbolic in many ways, the mythical Unicorn has come to represent innocence and femininity. The Sterling Silver Unicorn Pendant by Ilona White shows off Ilona's love of life, dynamic and strong Ilona has made the Silver Unicorn Pendant to showcase all that is beautiful in the world.
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