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  • Country Hare Silver Cufflinks

    Introducing these beautiful sterling silver Hare Cufflinks in all their bewitching beauty. We are enamoured by these incredible creatures. The mysteriousness of the hare is captured perfectly in these incredible cufflinks. More than just cufflinks, this pair are stunning pieces of art in all their majesty.
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  • Friendly Frog Silver Cufflinks

    Introducing a beautiful pair of hand-crafted cufflinks, with inspiration taking from the most charming of all creatures, the frog. Frogs have been around for at least 265 million years. There are approximately 4800 recorded species, accounting for over 85% of extant amphibian species. Our love for frogs comes from their unique character and appearance, along with their insanely long tongues and ability to jump ridiculously far makes them into loveable real life cartoon characters.
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  • Gilded Silver Skull Cufflinks

    Gilded sterling silver handmade skull cufflinks created especially for rockers, bikers and easy riders.
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  • Honey Bee Mine Silver Cufflinks

    The hand made 'Honey Bee Mine' .925 Sterling Silver cufflinks are fitted with silver chain for an added touch of chic. The Silver Bee model was hand carved in wax then cast in silver and fixed, oxidised and polished by hand.
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  • Knight Takes Pawn Chess Silver Cufflinks

    The most strategic and classic of all games of strategy, these symbols represent the extensive history of this most mysterious game that seems to transcend itself and be part a universe of wisdom undiscovered or lost in time. Designed to be adorned with a choice shirt at a formal social function, we know that this is a truly individual choice for those who wish to be different and stand out from the crown.
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  • Mañana Silver And Blue Enamel Cufflinks

    The exquisite blue enamel cufflinks with a Mediterranean feel.
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  • Mismatched Bubble Silver Cufflinks

    Something a little different and offbeat for those quirky characters in our lives. Silver cufflinks of pure quality for the fun loving individual.

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  • Silver Eighth Note Cufflinks

    The ideal gift for a musician close to your heart. Created from scratch by hand from sterling silver, the Silver Eighth Note Cufflinks will be a gift that will last for a lifetime and that will never go out of style.
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  • Sprightly Cat Cufflinks In Silver

    A wonderful pair of handcrafted sterling silver cat cufflinks, featuring incredible detail and layering. Artfull Expression presents a most wonderful pair of silver cat cufflinks, handcrafted and created from scratch….. A great gift lovers of cats and individuality. These lovely cufflinks take their inspiration from those feline creatures, which never cease to amaze us. The Sprightly Cat Cufflinks are beautifully detailed and feature layers of sterling silver work that could only have been achieved by one person’s hard work by hand.
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  • Woodland Fox Silver Cufflinks

    Artfull Expression presents a beautifully crafted pair of cufflinks, inspired by perhaps the most enchanting of all canidae. These beautiful cufflinks capture the incredible mystery and charm the woodland fox. The Woodland Fox Silver Cufflinks feature stunning detail which you can feel as well as see. See the sheer time, skill and effort that has gone into these wonderful pieces for your pleasure. Crafted by hand from solid sterling silver, these incredibly crafted cufflinks will last for years and years with a little care and maintenance. The Woodland Fox Silver Cufflinks make a simply incredible gift that someone will love and cherish for a lifetime.
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