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Living and working in the rural county of Herefordshire, UK – Welsh mountains in one direction and the bright lights of Bristol and Cardiff in… other directions. This place breeds a creative and alternative scene in the middle of nowhere, influenced by all that surrounds it.

I set out to create bespoke, heavy, elaborately detailed, custom silver jewellery – so that’s what I’m doing. In all of my work, I strive to make pieces as intricate, realistic and extra-ordinary as I can muster.

In my little workshop, I work away hand-carving into lumps of wax until they are transformed into weird and wonderful shapes, ready to be cast into tiny wearable sculptures for the daintiest of flowers to the burliest of bikers!

Once cast in silver, each individual piece is finished, polished and packaged by my own fair hand and sent off to adorn it’s new owner.

Moth and Eye Jewellery
Moth and Eye Jewellery

“The brains, brawn and chapped hands behind Moth and Eye!”

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