The Artfull Expression Team

Our experienced team harness their skills in Silver Jewellery Design, Silversmithing, Customer Service, Traditional & On-line Retailing to bring you
ArtfullExpression – The Home Of Independent Jewellery Design.

David Hendley

Managing Director

The creative driver of Artfull Expression, David has a passion for all things design with a special focus on Birmingham's Famous Jewellery Quarter.

Artfull Expression - The Home Of Independent Jewellery Design


Shop Curator

Alice works closely with the whole team ensuring work is displayed beautifully as well as organising commission work.

Josey Lewis

Josey Lewis

Right Hand Woman

Directing on-line orders and ensuring our digital customers are delighted with the products and service.

John Hendley

Digtial Professional Services

Creating & Supporting Our Online Portfolio.

Artfull Expression Is A Specialist Jewellery Business

Our Jewellery Team Has Extensive Product Knowledge & Technical Experience

If our team cannot help you with Your Jewellery Requirements we are extremely happy to refer people to our associates and friends in the Jewellery Quarter so don’t be afraid to ask.

We are open online. Supporting small business. Order with confidence.