• Artfull Expression

    Hand Made Jewellery Direct From Birmingham's Famous Jewellery Quarter Artfull Expression's hand-picked choice of jewellery showcasing a collection of rare and beautiful sterling silver jewellery suited to every occasion. Hand made jewellery direct from Birmingham's Famous Jewellery Quarter. You can visit Artfull Expression on Warstone Lane, Birmingham and at ArtfullExpression.co.uk.
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  • Bloom Jewellery UK

    Kate, the designer behind Bloom Jewellery studied Jewellery and Silver Smithing at the School of Jewellery, BCU. Having spent most of her career designing for British manufacturers supplying the High Street she has used her experience of mass production to make affordable, design led jewellery. Bloom Jewellery began in April 2016 and each piece is designed and manufactured in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham and celebrates British design and manufacture. Kate's Jewellery is inspired by scripture verses and aims to inspire and uplift. Bloom Jewellery pieces make great gift to a friend, loved one or for yourself. They are timeless gifts that are longlasting and carry a message of encouragement.
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  • Kate Gilliland

    Kate Gilliland, the jewellery designer behind these weird and wonderful curiosities. Kate is passionate about nature in all its forms and particularly, the raw beauty and cycle of life and death. She aims to preserve a little piece of the past for the future. Creating wondrous and thoughtful pieces of wearable natural history, delicate pieces of jewellery that will spark your imagination, immortalised forever in precious metal.
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  • Becca Williams

    Becca makes jewellery and silverware inspired by natural world, talks to the radio and drinks a lot of tea. Her work is characterised by a subtle sense of balance. She creates pieces with graceful shapes and sweeping curves in silver, gold, platinum & palladium. Becca graduated in 2008 and set up her business on Hylton Street in the Jewellery Quarter a year later. After 10 years in and around the Quarter she packed up her workshop and moved to the Cornish seaside in the spring of 2018. Becca works to commission, supplies galleries and exhibits her work nationally. She's most at home when she's covered in a layer of metal dust.
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  • Kokkino

    Melanie trained at the Jewellery School in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, and continues to work in the Midlands, creating beautiful timeless pieces of jewellery using simple shapes, repeating forms and a gorgeous palette of colours
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  • Moth and Eye Jewellery

    Handmade by UK jewellery designer Meg Lovell, under the brand name Moth and Eye. Most designs are taken from handcarved wax models and cast into beautiful and unique silver pieces which are finished completely by hand.

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  • Alice Gow Designs

    Alice studied at Birmingham's prestigious School of Jewellery, and has since stayed on, working in Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter, where she creates bold and beautiful kinetic jewellery. Alice's innovative designs display movement, simplicity and elegance.
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