Becca Williams

Becca Willimans - Handmade Jewellery Designer on Artfull Expression, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

Spotlight On Jewellery Designer Becca Williams

From her snug attic workshop in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter, Becca makes jewellery and silverware inspired by the coastal landscape as she looks out over the grey, tiled roofs of the city.

This love of the coastline comes from a myriad of childhood holidays in Wales, spent exploring the rivers, fields and beaches around her father’s family home. Constantly inspired by the elegant lines of the landscape she’s still a regular visitor to the countryside whether by foot or on a bicycle and always returns to Birmingham with a camera full of pictures and pockets full of twigs and pebbles.

These translate themselves into shapes and textures which cover her workshop until they come together to form work characterised by its bold simplicity and subtle balance. From tiny earrings to tall water jugs Becca delights in the process of making and is most at home when covered in a fine coating of silver dust.

Becca works to commission, supplies galleries locally & nationally, exhibits at selected exhibitions & selling fairs throughout the year plus showcases her work on Artfull Expression.

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Becca Willimans - Jewellery Designer - Artfull Expression, Jewellery Quarter, Birmigham, UK

Becca Williams – Jewellery Designer

I love working to commission and day dreaming jewellery design ideas for people. These drawings are for potential screw back sapphire & silver earrings.